Saturday Social Club

IMG-20170907-WA0003Crossroads Care Bridgend host a regular Saturday Social Club for people with mild to moderate dementia in Merthyr Mawr Road in Bridgend.

As the Summer draws to an end, the garden at our social club has lots of changing colours and our service users have enjoyed wandering around the gardens trying to identify the names of plants, trees, mushrooms, berries and vegetable planters. This has proved a great was of opening up conversations about how we have utilise these items in our lives over the years. Our service users from the Saturday Club, started talking about childhood memories, the lovely smell of Apple & BlackBerry crumble cooking in the oven, to helping the family to grow veg and pick it for their tea. We have a wonderful group of around 10 to 14 people on a Saturday with lots of laughs along the way. We have taken some photographs, of our clients enjoying the sunshine and having fun. Few dandelions were picked and wishes made, it was such a lovely way to engage in conversation of past and present topics.

Our Saturday Club is open to anyone with mild to moderate dimentia. Please contact the Croossroads Care Bridgend office on  01656 784100 or email: for more information.  We only charge £6 for food and refreshments and £6 if transport is required.